Validate your Website for Search Results

Therefore, he has spent a significant amount of time developing his site. It has attractive graphics on the screen, easy navigation, perhaps a bit of Flash or java script to develop the user experience on your site. The content of the site is new, relevant and original. A site like yours should attract a lot of attention in relevant search results, so why does traffic come so slowly? Why do not search engines cache your information as fast and as often as you want?

You look at your site and ask yourself what could be wrong. From the beginning, the site looks very good, but think about it: what the average Internet user sees is not what the spider (or “bot”) of the search engine sees when browsing the Internet to collect data. The spider reads the site code, all the characters and data that you or your HTML editor added to create the site. Often, the spider will try to track the site to get lost in another type of web! If a character is irrelevant, the additional code that should not be there or the code that is illegible to the spiders, your website can simply be ignored completely.


Do you remember all those sophisticated Flash and javascript doo-papás that you implemented?

Some spiders can not read this type of code, and you can block them from collecting their search information. Make sure to let the spiders move. Keep complex code to a minimum or discard it. The cleaner the website code, the better the web browser will be able to host the site and gather relevant data for caching. The more relevant and up-to-date the information that the search robot collects from the site, the greater the probability that the site will be found in the search results.

A good way to determine if your website can be searched is to verify the code. The W3C Validator is a recommended free service 먹튀검증 to verify the site code and verify compliance with W3C standards. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium in which member organizations, staff members and the public work together to develop standards for the World Wide Web. Simply enter the URL in the validator and a list of errors, where appropriate, will warn you about what should be improved in the code of your site. Think of it as an adjustment, it may take some time to improve the code of your site, but ultimately, increasing the number of search engine references will make it work hard.